Who wants to be cooped up inside all day?

Exercise, mental stimulation, and rewarding positive behaviours, make for a happier, calmer and more contented dog. We are happy to collect dogs within a 3 mile radius of the Chorlton and Old Trafford area. Rest assured that while you are busy or otherwise unable, dog walking Manchester can make life easier. 

Group Walks

Dog Walking Manchester offers group walks, where your dog will be able to socialise and play with their friends. It’s really important that dogs receive both mental and physical stimulation, so we walk in some of Manchester’s beautiful parks, and green areas.

There is lots to sniff and explore and on the lush river bank, or they can run and play together in a vibrant long grass meadow. Its great letting them off leash to roam, explore and socialise safely. We always walk your dog with suitably matched doggy friends, ensuring a fun filled and harmonious trip out, bringing your dog back content and satisfied, ready to relax.

Solo Dog Walk

A solo dog walk can be more easily tailored to your your dog’s needs. If your dog is nervous or maybe just a bit too excitable, a solo dog walk could suit them best. On a solo walk, your dog will get focussed attention for the whole walk. We believe that building a strong bond of trust between the dog and the dog walker should be the foundation of all training. We use positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviour and teach new tricks.
Some dogs can be more anxious and prefer to stay out of the way of others. Our solo dog walking service enables your dog to have a full half hour of mental and physical stimulation, with full care and attention. We work with you to identify any issues, avoid and  triggers, help them to overcome triggers through our positive reinforcement, desensitisation training. Leading to a happier, calmer, easier to manage dog.

When weather gets wet we will walk in wellies.
But wanderful wagging dogs refuse to wear wellies.
When dogs get wet, we wipe paws and bellies. Because, wet dogs, just can’t, wear wellies.

We will wipe down your wet dog before returning them to their bed, relaxed, calm, tired and dry.

Here at Manchester Dog Walking we are a Trusted key holder for clients and over the past 10 years we have been running our stress free
Service, working flexibly with clients schedules to provide professional reliable service.

We walk in scenic parks and green areas in Chorlton and the surrounding areas. We extend our dog walking services to:
Chorlton, Whalley Range, old Trafford, Firswood, Hulme, Moss Side, Ordsall,

If you’re looking for a professional, reliable dog walker to entertain and exercise your pup then please don’t hesitate to contact dog walking Manchester, Manchester’s No1 dog walking service.